Allen Valleys and Alston Moor

Isaac’s Tea Trail lies in the heart of the North of England. The geography covers much of South West Northumberland, part of Cumbria and the boundary with County Durham. Fantastic for walkers and people with a passion for the outdoors.

Travellers’ find it a convenient destination to reach by road with far fewer visitors than on well beaten paths elsewhere. Trail walkers have a first-rate choice of accommodation and places to eat and drink in Allendale, Alston, Ninebanks, Whitfield, and Nenthead. (See Accommodation)

The route includes historic Allendale Common with a slice of Alston Moor over moorlands and down to picturesque villages hugging the valleys. A varied landscape that is home to a rich wild life in unspoiled countryside. Yet, this is no wilderness, as never far away are reminders of the area’s exceptional lead mining heritage. Do allow some time to discover nearby attractions and events on the doorstep or come back later. You are welcome whatever the season.